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4 x DELİOLİ - 5 lt

4 x DELİOLİ - 5 lt

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a superb Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO).
produced out of lovingly harvested olives of Memecik variety in “Milas”.
“cold-pressed” within hours of harvest.
an exceptional quality olive oil with an appealing greeny color, grassy odor and fresh aroma.

Tasting Notes: Green, grassy, moderate pungency and bitterness. 

Best Before: December 2024

Nutrition Facts*:

Vitamin E (DL-Alfa Tokoferol): 245,95 mg/kg

Free Fatty Acids: 0,37%

Biophenolic Compounds: 326,77 mg/kg

Peroxide Value: 4,92 meqO/kg

* Values in this table reflect the lab results of a sample on which the analyses are performed. Actual values may vary on product basis. You can check "Our Lab Results" page under the "Discover" menu for the complete report.

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