Frequently Asked Questions

In which region and from what variety of olive do you produce DELİOLİ olive oil?

Our family owned, boutique olive grove lies in Kıyıkışlacık village of Milas, a province of Muğla. We only have Memecik variety in our grove.

What precautions do you take in order to deliver DELİOLİ olive oil without any damages?

We place both the glass bottles and tin cans in air ducted bags which we then put into corrugated cardboard boxes and carefully tape.

Is DELİOLİ olive oil filtered?

Yes, it is. In order for DELİOLİ olive oil not to lose its shelf-life quickly, we have it filtered. Unless we clearly indicate otherwise, you may assume all DELİOLİ olive oils are filtered.

Is DELİOLİ olive oil “cold pressed”?

Yes, DELİOLİ olive oil is “cold pressed” (25 °C).

Is DELİOLİ olive oil rich in phenolic compounds and vitamin-E?

Yes, DELİOLİ olive oil is rich in phenolic compounds and vitamin-E. Please click here to see examination results of our sample analyzed by accredited labratories (AB-0635-T ve TS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017).

Is DELİOLİ olive oil produced by eco-friendly methods?

Yes, indeed. We do not treat our olive grove with any kind of chemical fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide etc. We merely apply environmentally friendly agricultural methods and make organic farming. We value the future of our planet and always consider sustainability aspect of our actions.

Additionally, we produce DELİOLİ olive oil in a very hygienic environment with a great caution by using two-phase continuous system to keep water consumption and wastewater disposal at minimum.