Our Approach

Taking ownership of a sustainable future:

Ongoing climate-change and growing restrictions on access to healthy and safe food have long induced many individuals to search for means to a more environmentally friendly and sustainability sensitive living habits. Even more so after facing economic, social, physical, and mental challenges of the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic. With this conscious and motivation, we founded DELİOLİ which is committed to answer the emerging need of improving our wellbeing as well as to preserve our planet for a sustainable future.

DELİOLİ olive oil’s sole ingredient comes from our olives of Memecik variety harvested from our family-run boutique olive grove in Milas. We believe healthy and delicious eating experience stems from naturally produced, fresh and safe food. In this regard, we are proud to announce that DELİOLİ olive oil is produced out of a grove with no exposure to chemicals, pesticides, preservatives, coloring etc. You can be relieved that what you are putting into your body is straight from the soil!

We combine traditional harvesting and environmentally responsible production method which allow us to provide our customers with the highest quality of olive oil in terms of taste and nutrition. Our Memecik variety olives are crushed very soon after harvesting which helps keep the acidity very low. You will feel the harmony of DELİOLİ olive oil’s fresh aroma and bitterness on your palate while your body is enriched with antioxidants and polyphenols.