Taking ownership of a sustainable future

Ongoing climate-change and growing restrictions on access to healthy and safe food have long induced many individuals to search for means to a more environmentally friendly and sustainability sensitive living habits...DELİOLİ is committed to answer the emerging need of improving our wellbeing as well as to preserve our planet for a sustainable future.

International Award Winner Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We strive to represent our product, our passion and our country at the highest standards...

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Organic Production Only

We obtain our high-quality product from Memecik type olives, which we meticulously harvest in our olive grove in Milas. We only pursue organic production principles. Our olives are cold pressed at 25°C using a two-phase continuous system. It reaches our consumers' hands with "no contact" to any sort of chemicals at any stage of the production, pressing or filling phases.

Our Certificates

Olive Oil 101: Fundamentals

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is the liquid gold of the Mediterranean. When an olive oil is “Extra Virgin”, it means it is free of taste defects and will pass a battery of tests in a lab. It also means the juice of olives, and nothing else...Its health benefits have been discovered and confirmed in countless studies...


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